I regularly compose and arrange in different settings and styles including band composition/songwriting and contemporary/experimental music.

Polytemporal Music

I am a composer of polytemporal music, which was the focus of my PhD which I undertook at Canterbury Christ Church University between 2014-2020 under the supervision of Prof Matt Wright. My thesis was focused on the composition and performance of music in multiple simultaneous tempi (for example, an enesmble where each performer has their own tempo independent of the other performers). My goal was to develop techniques to compose such music, execute it with human performers with complete temporal accuracy, and create a form of notation which reflects its polytemporality.

The full thesis can be accessed here. All works are complete with part scores and accompanying digital media for repeat performances, and full scores have also been produced which display accurately the polytemporal nature of the works - an example of this is here. If you would like to see/know more, or perform any of these works, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Below I have selected a few of the most developed works, however if you would like to see the progression of the compositions please refer to this playlist. Presenting works in a spatial formation became a key part of my research, such as this performance of [in]dependence (this work was also awarded the Peter Maxwell Davies Memorial Prize in 2019 as part of Canterbury Festival).

Below are some samples of other compositions/arrangements. For more videos please visit my Music YouTube (my Art YouTube also features videos with my own compositions).